MJC claims McDonalds message is untrue

The Muslim Judicial Council Halal Trust (MJCHT) on Sunday dismissed a broadcast message being sent out via cellphones and social media claiming that McDonalds in South Africa was not halal. According to Sheik Achmat Sedick, acting head of the MJCHT, the message was nothing more than fitna that was best ignored.

In the message circulated this weekend, it is stated that “the MJC and Iqsa has withdrawn certification from McDonalds. According to the Kitchen Office in Florida, United States,a study into the McDonalds ingredients has shown positive evidence of pork materials which is called ‘LM10′ are used in the McDonalds mayo. South African McDonalds officials have confirmed that all sauce based ingredients are imported from the US. (Muslim) Consumers are advised to abstain from McDonalds. MJC (Muslim Judicial Council) and Iqsa has also withdrawn certification countrywide. It’s your duty to inform others..do NOT ignore this message as u will get sin for not passing on, ppl that eat it are eating haram food so plz do inform others,” the message concluded.

In response, Sedick wrote: “Yaa salaam. If it is not the one fitnah that is being sowed, then there is another fitnah being spread. We must remember that our beloved Prophet (SAW) said: ‘The Fitnah-monger is in the Fire of Jahannam’. The MJCHT is certifying McDonald (SA) throughout the country and as such McDonald is halal and can be eaten with a clear (halal) conscience,” he reiterated.

This is far from the first time similar reports based on supposed reports from the US was circulated locally related to the franchise. All of them have vehemently been denied by local halal bodies and McDonalds. VOC

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    1. If you’ve read the article, why still ask if McDonald’s is haraam or halaal. According to the MJCHT and Sheigh Achmad Sedick it is and that all reports to the contrary are untrue.

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